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Takachiho Cargo

Discover Kyushu Map10days: Discover Kyushu
Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Kumamoto, Takachiho, Kurokawa Onsen and Yufuin

Price: from £1,673

A self-guided tour of Kyushu, visiting major and characteristic cities - Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Kagoshima and Kumamoto, natural beauty Takachiho Gorge and iconic two Onsen Ryokan in Myoken and Kurokawa.

Day 1 - Fukuoka

Arrive at Fukuoka airport or JR Hakata station.

After Hotel check in, free to explore Fukuoka!

  • Hotel Forza Hakataeki Chikushi-guchi I
  • Breakfast

Day 2 - Fukuoka - Nagasaki

Depart from Hakata (Fukuoka) in the morning to arrive at Nagasaki
in the afternoon by LTD. EXP. KAMOME Train,
using JR Kyushu Rail Pass (approx. 2 hrs)

Free to explore Nagasaki

  • JR Kyushu Hotel Nagasaki
  • Breakfast

Tour Highlights

Nagasaki Prefecture is located in the northwest part of Kyushu and has numerous sites of historical interest filled with a multitude of cultural treasures.

During the period of National Isolation (1641-1858), Nagasaki acted as the only opened port to the rest of the world. An indirect effect of that policy was to endow the region with a unique culture; traditional Nagasaki arts, crafts and foods are all renowned for their touch of exoticism, and the city's landscape is a notable mixture of Japanese, European and Chinese styles.

Not to be missed in Nagasaki!

Visiting: Peace Statue (Peace Park), Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum, Oura Catholic Church, Glover Garden, China Town, Dejima, Mt. Inasa(famous for "million-dollar night time view"), Gunkan-jima (Hashima)
Seasonal Events: Nagasaki Lantern Festival (Feb), Nagasaki Kunchi (Late Sep)
Food: Chanpon (a noodle dish that is a regional cuisine of Nagasaki), Castella (Sponge cake)

Day 3 - Nagasaki - Kagoshima

Free to explore Nagasaki until the train departure time
Depart from Nagasaki to Kagoshima-Chuo by JR Trains,
using JR Kyushu Rail Pass (approx. 3.5hrs)

  • JR Kyushu Hotel Kagoshima
  • Breakfast

Day 4 - Kagoshima

Free to explore Kagoshima

  • JR Kyushu Hotel Kagoshima
  • Breakfast

Tour Highlights

Kagoshima Prefecture is situated in the southern edge of Kyushu, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and East China Sea and it is the largest prefecture in Kyushu. Its symbol, Sakura-jima, at the center of the prefecture, is an active volcano. Kagoshima astonishes tourists with the rare view of an urban district located close to a volcano that continues to emit fumes. Because of the volcano, hot springs can be found dotted about in the prefecture. In Ibusuki Hot Spring, you can enjoy the famous Ibusuki sand bath.

Not to be missed in Kagoshima!

Sakura-jima, Sengan-en(unique Japanese Garden created by linking surrounding landscape) 
Shiroyama Observatory
Seasonal Events:
Ogionsaa(Mid Jul) 、Rokugatsu-do -Lantern Festival(Jul & Aug)、Ohara Festival (2nd~3rd Nov) Food:
Kurobuta(pork), Kibinago(Silver sprat), Sakura-jima Daikon(Radish), Satsumaage(Deep fried minced fish), Satsuma-imo(Sweet potato), Imo-Jochu(Shochu distilled from sweet potato), Karukan( Japanese sweets made from high-quality yams)

Day 5 - Kagoshima - Myoken Onsen

After Hotel check out, make your own way to JR Kagoshima Chuo station and travel to Myoken Onsen in Kirishima Mountain Area !
e.g. Depart Kagoshima chuo at 13:23, Arrive Hayato at 14:00 by [LTD.EXP. Hayato no Kaze] train, using JR Kyushu Rail Pass

*** Please note LTD.EXP. Hayato no Kaze operation is only at weekends and Holidays.

Enjoy staying at the Ryokan, located along a mountain river,
surrounded by forests of Japanese cedars and other trees.

  • Ishihara-so
  • Breakfast, Dinner

Day 6 - Myoken Onsen - Kumamoto

After Ryokan check out, make your own way to JR Hayato station and travel to Kumamoto
via Kagoshima-chuo using JR Kyushu Rail Pass (approx.1.5 hrs)

Free to explore Kumamoto

  • Hotel Trusty Premier Kumamoto
  • Breakfast

Tour Highlights

Kumamoto Prefecture is located along the west coast of Kyushu. It’s less than 40mins away by Shinkansen train from Hakata (Fukuoka) station. Kumamoto is blessed with magnificent and abundant nature and its famous for Mt Aso which is an active volcano with one of the world's largest calderas. The city's most famous landmark is Kumamoto Castle and it’s considered one of the three premier castles in Japan, along with Himeji Castle and Matsumoto Castle.

Not to be missed in Kumamoto!

Visiting: Kumamoto Castle, Suizenji Jojuen Park
Seasonal Events: Aso Fire Festival (Mar), Yamaga Lantern Festival (Mid Aug), Yatsushiro Myoken Festival (23Nov)
Food: Kumamoto Ramen, Basashi(thinly sliced raw horse meat), Karashi Renkon(boiled and fried lotus root, stuffed with spicy mustard and miso), Aso Takana Meshi(Fried Rice with mustard pickle leaves, eggs and sesame seeds).

Please note Kumamoto Castle is currently closed due to severe damage caused by the series of earthquakes in April 2016. Please click here for further details.

Day 7 - Day trip to Takachiho

Day trip to Takachiho Town in Miyazaki Prefecture by Express Bus, using SUNQ Pass

Depart Kumamoto Sakuramachi Bus Terminal at 09:22, Arrive Takachiho Bus Centre at 12:19
On arrival, make your own way to Takachiho Gorge area on foot or by taxi

Enjoy walking footpaths and boat ride in Takachiho Gorge!
*The rental boat operation is subject to water level of the river and other conditions.

Depart Takachiho Bus Centre at 16:57, Arrive Kumamoto Sakuramachi Bus Terminal at 19:52

  • Hotel Trusty Premier Kumamoto
  • Breakfast

Day 8 - Kumamoto to Kurokawa Onsen

After Hotel check out, make your own way to JR Kumamoto station bus stop and travel to Kurokawa Onsen via Mt Aso by Kyushu Odan(Cross Kyushu) Bus, using SUNQ Pass

Depart Kumamoto Sakuramachi Bus Terminal at 07:44, Arrive Aso station bus stop at 09:27 on Kyushu Odan Bus

Store your luggage at one of coin-operated lockers at Aso Station

Have a break at Michi-no-Eki Aso, located opposite of Aso station
Please also check Mt.Aso Access restriction at Tourist Information in Aso station or Michi-no-Eki Aso

Depart Aso station bus stop at 10:35 on Mt. ASO Crater Line bus
Arrive at Aso-san Nishi-Eki (Mt. Aso crater) at 11:10

To access the crater, there are two options, on foot (approx. 20 min. to go up and 15 min. to come back)
Or shuttle bus service with 1,200 JPY for round trip. SUNQ Pass don’t valid for this service.

Explore World famous Mt. Aso crater and surroundings until the bus departure time

Depart Aso-san Nishi-Eki (Mt. Aso crater) at 12:30 on Mt. ASO Crater Line bus
Arrive at Aso station bus stop at 13:03

Have a lunch at Michi-no-Eki Aso before the bus departure

Depart Aso at 14:12, arrive Kurokawa Onsen at 15:00

Enjoy staying cozy Onsen(Hot Spring) town surrounded by mountains!

  • Ryokan Sanga
  • Breakfast, Dinner

Day 9 - Kurokawa - Fukuoka via Yufuin

Depart from Kurokawa Onsen at 10:25, Arrive at Yufuin Bus Center at 12:00 by Kyushu

Odan(Cross Kyushu) Bus, using SUNQ Pass

Free to explore Yufuin until the bus departure time

Depart from Yufuin Bus Centre at the time of your choice
* Departure every 50 ~80 mins.

Arrive at Hakata Bus Terminal by Highway Bus, using SUNQ Pass
(approx. 2hrs. 20mins.)

  • Hotel Forza Hakataeki Chikushi-guchi I
  • Breakfast


Day 10 - Fukuoka

After Hotel check out, please make your own way to the station or the airport.

The extension plan is available.

  • Breakfast


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  • Meals specified in the itinerary
  • Bus reservation assistance
    *Train reservations have to be made by JR Pass holder by showing validated Pass in Japan

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  • Admission / Entrance Fees for sightseeing spots
  • Travel Insurance
  • Any meals and drinks not shown in the above itinerary
  • Laundry, telephone, additional meals and drinks, and any other expenses of personal nature
  • Baggage Transfer


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