TOURS in Kyushu Recommended Tour

10 days: Discover Kyushu


By Train Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Kagoshima, Kumamoto, Takachiho, Kurokawa Onsen and Yufuin

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6 days: Kyushu Highlight


Visits Fukuoka, Kurokawa Onsen, Kumamoto & Takachiho by Bus.

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5 days: Western Kyushu Gems

Arita By Train

Visits Fukuoka, Nagasaki & Arita by train.

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5 days : Natural Beauties of Kyushu

Dolpin Cruise By Bus

Visits Fukuoka, Takachiho, Kumamoto and Amakusa by bus.

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3 days: Riverside Onsen in Hita

Sanso Tensui bus

A self-guided tour from Fukuoka to Hita district and to enjoy staying ryokan!

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5 days: Hot Springs in Oita

Beppu Onsen By Train

This self-guided tour to one of the most popular Onsen town, Yufuin by express train.

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2 days: Kurokawa Onsen

Kurokawa Onsenbus

Visiting an onsen town Kurokawa by bus.

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3 days: Kurokawa & Yufuin

Kurokawa Onsen bus

A self-guided tour for Onsen lovers! Visiting two onsen towns, Kurokawa and Yufuin.

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3 days: Iki Island from Fukuoka

Iki island ferry and bus

Visiting the stunning island of Iki by jetfoil from Hakata port.

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3 days: Tsushima Island from Fukuoka

fukuoka tsushima ferry and bus

Now it is peaceful island and a paradise for nature lovers

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6 days: Goto Islands from Fukuoka


ferry and bus Explore the Idyllic islands with “Kakure Kirishitans (hidden Christians)” history!

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3 days: Tanegashima from Kagoshima

kagoshiima tanegashima ferry and bus

Enjoy off the beaten track island with your own pace!

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