Weekend Travel with SUNQ pass
Yufuin-Onsen, Kurokawa-Onsen and Mt Aso

Day1 : Fukuoka - Yufuin Onsen

Screen to check departure time in Fukuoka Tenjin Bus Centre

After arrival at Fukuoka Tenjin Bus Centre, double check your bus’s departure time on the screen.

Counter and seat ticket for Yufuin and SunQ pass for Northern Kyushu 3 days

Next, go to the counter to get a seat ticket.
Seat ticket for Yufuin and SunQ Pass for Northern Kyushu 3 days

Check the platform number

Check the platform no. for your bus.

Departure order from platform 3 is indicated above the door.

Departure order from platform 3 is indicated above the door.

[SunQ Pass] stickers are sometime missing ! This time, there is no stickers in the front, but next to bus door !!

SunQ Pass stickers are sometime missing

In Japan, it is common to pay bus fare when you get off, so you will be asked to take ‘Seiri-ken(ticket indicating just a number) from the machine located nearby bus door.
Arrived at Yufuin Station Bus Terminal

After about 2 hours journey, arrived at Yufuin Station Bus Terminal. How would you like to spend about 3 hours and half in Yufuin ? Just strolling for town having a lunch stop at nice café or restaurant ? dipping in famous hot spring bath at one of the ryokan ?

JR Yufuin Station

If you’d like to avoid to holding your big baggage, you can keep it in the coin locker with small fee.

They are available at Yufuin Bus Terminal, JR Yufuin Station and in the big souvenir shop between Bus Terminal and JR Station.

In this big souvenir shop,
there is hot spring bath for foot and
it is free of charge !

Hot spring bath for foot and coin locker

Tsuji Basha (Horse Carriage)

Sight seeing with Tsuji Basha (Horse Carriage) is available. Departing from in front of JR Station for 50 minutes. The price for Adult 1600yen, Child (Age 4~12) 1100yen.

Mt Yufu from main street and hot spring bath for hands

When you are walking on the main street towards Kinrin-ko(Lake), one of the landmark in Yufuin, you will see Mt. Yufu which has twin peaks.

Hot spring bath for hands ! on the main street.

Yufuin Folkcraft Village on the main street

Yufuin Folkcraft Village
on the main street

Kinrin-ko(Lake) and surrounding

Kinrin-ko(Lake) and surrounding.

Fish bath near by the main street

There is a very unique place at Yume-hiroba near by the main street.

Here, there is a hot spring bath for foot with small fishes !!! These fish love to eat human’s dead skin cell, so your foot will be lighter and smoother after dipping in this bath for about 20 minutes.

It is 500yen with rental towel to wipe your foot after bath. It doesn’t cause any pain, but very tickling !!!

Cross Kyushu Bus

Time to leave Yufuin with Cross Kyushu Bus ! Couldn’t find [SunQ Pass] sticker anywhere on the bus, but found the notice mentioning acceptance of SunQ Pass by the door.

To use Cross Kyushu Bus, reservation have to be made in advance by calling Kumamoto Kosoku Bus Reservation Centre or you can get on board if the seats are available.

The driver will ask if you have a reservation, so you can just mention your name if you made a reservation in advance.

There are bus stop announcements and signboard above driver’s seat in English which is very helpful!

signboard above driver’s seat

Kurokawa Onsen Bus stop

Cross Kyushu Bus run very scenic mountain route
and the highest point is 1330m above sea level.

The bus stop for short break just before Kurokawa
Onsen, then arriving Kurokawa Onsen
Bus stop at last.

Kurokawa Onsen

Sign board for Kurokawa Onsen Resort at the bus stop

From the bus stop, you can see the signboard for Kurokawa Onsen Resort which located at base of Kuju Mountains along the Chikugo River.

If you are not staying over night or you did not ask for pick-up service to your Ryokan, you have to walking down quite steep road, but it is very pleasant exersise ! surrounded by lots of trees, really fresh air and cosy atomosphare...

Kurokawa Onsen is very tiny and comfortable village

The resort is very tiny village and doesn’t take long to strolling all area, so you can just relax.

Kurokawa Onsen
Hot spring steam bath for face

Hot spring bath for foot for 100yen.

Small Kurokawa shrine
Small Kurokawa shrine (right)

Hot spring steam bath for face! (below)

Kurokawa Onsen Visitor Information Centre

Visitor Information Centre.
The map of resort in English is available here.

Public hot spring bath for 100 yen

Public hot spring bath along the river for 100yen ! This is mixed bathing !

If you have plenty of time and love open air hot spring bath, you should get ‘Nyuto Tegata’ which is a kind of bath pass. For the details, please check the link here.




Route Map

Travel with SUNQ Pass route


Day 1 Yufuin-go
Dep 09:10 Fukuoka Tenjin Bus Centre
Arr 11:11 Yufuin Station Bus Terminal
Cross Kyushu Bus
Dep 14:50 Yufuin Station Bus Terminal
Arr 16:25 Kurokawa Onsen

Day 2 Cross Kyushu Bus
Dep 10:35 Kurokawa Onsen
Arr 11:23 Aso Eki (JR Aso Station)
Mt Aso Bus
Dep 11:45 Aso Eki (JR Aso Station)
Arr 12:14 Kusasenri
Mt Aso Bus
Dep 14:09 Kusasenri
Arr 14:15 Mt Aso
Mt Aso Bus
Dep 16:00 Mt Aso
Arr 16:30 Aso Eki
Cross Kyushu Bus
Dep 17:23 Aso Eki
Arr 19:02 Kumamoto Kotsu Centre
Dep 19:10 Kumamoto Kotsu Centre
Arr 21:00 Fukuoka Tenjin Bus Centre

Single tickets price for the above journey
Fukuoka Tenjin Bus Centre -
Yufuin Station Bus Terminal
Yufuin Station Bus Terminal -
Kurokawa Onsen
Kurokawa Onsen - Aso Eki 990
Aso Eki - Kusasenri 570
Kusasenri - Mt. Aso 500
Mt. Aso - Aso Eki 650
Aso Eki - Kumamoto Kotsu Centre 1250
Kumamoto Kotsu Centre -
Fukuoka Tenjin Bus Centre

SunQ 3 day Pass is only 8000 yen.
Saved 2650 yen even for 2 days trip!!!