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Unlimited ride Bus & Ferry Ticket in Kyushu and Shimonoseki

What is a SUNQ Pass?

A SUNQ Pass is a bus pass offers unlimited travel for 3 or 4 consecutive days on almost all express and local buses within Kyushu and Shimonoseki.

There are 4 types of SUNQ pass:
"All Kyushu 4 Day", "All Kyushu 3 Day", "Northern Kyushu 3 Day" and "Southern Kyushu 3 Day".


as of 01 September 2018 SUNQ passes
All Kyushu 4-day ¥14,000
All Kyushu 3-day ¥11,000
Northern Kyushu 3-day ¥9,000
Southern Kyushu 3-day ¥8,000

How to use a SUNQ Pass?

For the express coaches, you will be required to book a seat in advance and it’s available a month prior to the boarding day. You can board the local bus without booking a seat in advance.

The pass holder can travel as much as they wish for 3 or 4 consecutive days.

See a travel diary with SUNQ PASS

How Do We Deliver?

We can either post your SUNQ PASS to you or you can collect it from our office in Holborn, London. The pass cannot be an E-ticket, so you will have to receive the actual pass from us.

Buses in Kyushu

Sample Itinerary

Northern Kyushu 3-day

Day 3 Fukuoka to Kumamoto
Dep 09:21 Hakata bus terminal
Arr 11:32 Kumamoto bus centre
    Free to explore Kumamoto!
Day 3 Kumamoto to Kurokawa Onsen
via Aso
Dep 09:16 Kumamoto bus centre
Arr 11:04 Mt Aso station
*Mt Aso ropeway isn't covered by the pass
Dep 14:15 Mt Aso station
Arr 15:37 Kurokawa Onsen
Kurokawa Onsen is one of the best onsen towns as chosen by Japanese locals. Experience the authentic Japanese Ryokan!
Day 3 Kurokawa to Yufuin
and then to Fukuoka
Dep 10:44 Kurokawa
Arr 12:19 Yufuin
    Free to explore charming Onsen town, Yufuin!
Dep 17:00 Yufuin
Arr 19:18 Hakata

Single tickets price for the above journey
Fukuoka - Kumamoto ¥2060
Kumamoto - Aso ¥1500
Kusasenri <-> Mt. Aso  ¥1300
Aso - Kurokawa ¥1200
Kurokawa - Yufuin ¥2000
Yufuin - Fukuoka ¥2880
Total ¥10940

Northern Kyushu 3-day pass is ¥9000
You save ¥1940

SUNQ Pass Route Map

Bus & Ferry Routes in Kyushu

Terms and Conditions

Terms for Refund

Refunds are acceptable if the request is made at our London office latest by 3 day before the original pass starting date with GBP15.00 handling fee.

We will not entertain refund requests made on the start date of SUNQ Pass onwards. No refunds will be given for the balance of valid period if it is used in a shorter duration.

Please note that no refunds, extension of valid period, substitution of transportation will be given for cancellation of bus trips due to the abnormal weather conditions and such.

Changing the starting day, pass type of SUNQ Pass

Changing the starting date and pass type is acceptable at our London office if it’s made latest by 3 day before the original starting date with GBP15.00 handling fee.

If SUNQ pass is lost

We will not be able to reissue or refund the pass. So, please keep it carefully.

Misuse of SUNQ Pass

If any unlawful action (such as altering, forging, using after a valid period, etc.,) is detected, we collect SUNQ Pass, which is deemed invalid and at the same time forfeit will be surcharged to the bearer.