Where to stay in Kyushu - Japanese style accommodation

  • Ryokan Sanga
    Kurokawa Onsen / Kumamoto
    from JPY 13,800

    Ryokan Sanga
    Ryokan Sanga is located in a secluded forest along a mountain stream. Trees bud in the Spring, deep green surrounds us in the Summer, leaves change color in the Autumn, and silent snow falls in the Winter. Surround yourself in the beauty of Japan’s nature. Relax in our soothing hot springs. Enjoy our warm hospitality. Be our guest at Ryokan Sanga.

    6961-1 Manganji Minamioguni, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture 869-2402
  • Yufunogo Saigakukan
    Yufuin / Oita
    from JPY 14,200

    The town of Yufuin is home to many such onsen and boasts Japan’s second largest volume of hot spring water. Our inn draws hot water from two fountain heads each with its own unique qualities. The first type moisturizes the skin while the other, said to be the “water of beauty”, is a hydrogen carbonate onsen.

    2378-1 Yufuincho Kawakami, Yufu,
    Oita Prefecture 879-5102
  • Shiragiku
    Beppu Onsen / Oita
    from JPY 18,900

    Warm hospitality! Open air bath with hot spring flowing directly from the source. We are proud of our delicious cuisine! Enjoy openness of our proud open air bath. Inn where you can relax comfortably. Please enjoy restaurant where you can enjoy foods in season and our warm hospitality! Have a great time with us during your mellow trip to Beppu!

    16-36, Kamitanoyu-machi, Beppu city,
    Oita Prefecture 874-0908
  • Hakusuikan
    Ibusuki / Kagoshima
    from JPY 15,800

    It is a ryokan of Gosho-zukuri style building with corridors, built and decorated with much cypress and marble. It is a prominent Japanese ryokan with beautifully painted ceilings and fusuma sliding doors. It stands on a beach. It has a variety of baths, Genroku-buro reproducing the history of Ibusuki's special Sunamushi-buro or hot sand bath, an outdoor bath, a sauna and more.

    12126-12 Higashikata, Ibusuki-shi,
    Kagoshima Prefecture 891-0404