Train Journey


Rail journey is a great way to see the spectacular scenery of Kyushu and meet local people along the way. 

JR Hisatsu Line between Yatsuhiro station (Kumamoto pref.) and Hayato station (Kagoshima pref.) is considered one of the most scenic rail journeys in Japan. There are also some unique sightseeing trains that are in itself an attraction to the many visitors in this magnificent island.

Experience the best scenic rail journeys and unique trains in Kyushu!

On-board sales & Ekiben

On-board sales are available on most Shinkansen and limited express services. You can buy Ekiben, sandwiches, snacks and drinks etc…

Foon on a train!

Ekiben is a special type of bento box sold at train stations, on Shinkansen and limited express trains. Each station features its own local specialties and some stations have signature ekiben that are well known throughout Japan. Ekiben festivals and competitions have become very popular in Japan. Japanese travellers often say a train trip cannot be completed without having an ekiben on board!

Enjoy the ride with ekiben while the train runs through the stunning countryside!!