Holiday Reviews

My wife and I had a lovely time in Kyushu

Hank visited Japan in May 2019

Q. When did you visit Japan?

Golden Week 2019

Q. How long did you stay in Japan?

I live in Tokyo - 3.5 years so far

Q. Which city/cities in Japan have you visited?

I have visited many cities in Japan

Q. Did you use a Japan Rail Pass or other Pass Types (SunQ, etc...)



My wife and I had a lovely time in Kyushu. We had English speaking tour guides in Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Sasebo, Arita, and Kagoshima. Everything worked well, the trains were good, and the hotel accommodations were also good. Wakako did an excellent job organizing the trip and communicating with me during the process.

Wakako and the tour guides also did an amazing job working to find restaurants with vegan options as both my wife and I are vegan. This was very much appreciated. It all worked out very well. We learned a lot about Kyushu, saw some wonderful scenery and also learned a lot about Japanese history. Thank you so much!