Holiday Reviews

This was a very special trip for my mother and I

Valerie visited Japan in Oct 2018

Q. When did you visit Japan?


Q. How long did you stay in Japan?

2 weeks

Q. Which city/cities in Japan have you visited?

Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Kagoshima, Kumamoto, Kirishima, Takachiho, Kuragawa, Yufuin

Q. Did you use a Japan Rail Pass or other Pass Types (SunQ, etc...)



This was a very special trip for my mother and I. We loved the regular and expedient communication before, during and after our trip; the thoroughness of the information provided through email and hard copies; the personable nature of our agent, Wakako; the thoroughness in the small details, including every transfer, options of departure times, recommendations of activities to do, flexibility in changing the plans prior to departure; Wakado's efforts to help us feel informed, safe and overall accommodated. We were very happy with all of the ryokans and hotels selected. They were as described in the literature, varied in type and class, providing an interesting and diverse view of Kyushu. When the typhoon threatened to change our plans, Wakako met us at the train station to help us rearrange our plans, if necessary, and was able to fix a train ticket mistake I made. Her coordination of meals and transfers to the hotels really made things simple for us, as did the convenient location of the hotels. Everything flowed smoothly, in large part, due to this company's (through Wakako) well-managed selection, planning,
communication, and execution of our trip.

Due to such an exemplary experience, we plan to bring other family members back
to Kyushu for a customized tour through Japan Travel Center, visiting the cities and
accommodations we were acquainted with on this trip. As I mentioned to Wakako,
we feel she is a dear friend and hope we can work with her again in the future.