Holiday Reviews

Overall we were very pleased with our stay

Kathy visited Japan in July 2018

Q. When did you visit Japan?

19 July 2018 - 1 Aug 2018

Q. How long did you stay in Japan?

14 days

Q. Which city/cities in Japan have you visited?

Tokyo, Kyoto, Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Kurokawa Onsen, Osaka

Q. Did you use a Japan Rail Pass or other Pass Types (SunQ, etc...)


Q. If yes, which one?

7 day JR Pass


After hearing about the beautiful town of Kurokawa Onsen, we made plans to visit. Since it is only accessible by car or bus, we thought it might be best to go through a travel agency. Wakako, our agent, was extremely helpful in choosing a ryokan that fit our family's needs & budget. She was friendly, polite, and timely in her responses - she even helped us with train schedules before/after our stay.

The 2.5 hour bus ride from Fukuoka was comfortable & clean (one restroom stop). The Ryokan Sanga is outside of the main town (5-10 min. shuttle ride) in a beautiful, secluded setting next to a river. Our room had a private indoor & outdoor bath, with gorgeous views of the surrounding forest. The "onsen etiquette" guide was written
clearly in English with pictures - much appreciated! Did not notice any mosquitoes,
even though it was quite warm & humid. Service and meals were excellent (served in
dining room). When we visited the public baths, we were the only ones there.

We would have liked to spend a little more time exploring the town's shops & restaurants,
but overall we were very pleased with our stay.