Tenryo Hita Ohina Festival
Tenryo Hita Ohina Festival
Tenryo Hita Ohina Festival
Tenryo Hita Ohina Festival

The 37th Tenryo Hita Ohina (Doll) Festival
15 February - 31 March 2020


Some events were cancelled.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Hina Matsuri (Doll Festival) is held on 3rd March in most of Japanese houses that have girl(s) in their family.

It is Japanese traditional ritual since ancient time to wish girl’s healthy growth and happy future by displaying beautiful ‘Hina-ningyo’ dolls on the a tiered doll-stand together with miniature articles and furniture.

As Hita used to be one of the ‘Tenryo’ (area under direct control of the Edo*Tokugawa shogunate) and a business centre of Kyushu, there were magistrates from Edo (Tokyo) and many rich merchants who can afford luxury set of ‘Hina’ dolls for their daughters.

‘O’ usually attached to describe in polite way, so the name of this event is called ‘O-Hina’ Festival.

In Hita City, it has been held and open to the public in the Edo era (1603-1867) style buildings and traditional houses. It is good opportunity for visitors to see gorgeous Edo style rare dolls.

Date: 15th February~31st March
Venues & admissions:
Tenryo Hita Gallery 200 yen,
Kusano Honke (traditional house) 550 yen,
Hirose Gallery 450 yen,
Tenryo Girl’s Doll Hall 300 yen,
Kuncho Shuzo(Sake brewery) Gallery free,
Nihon-gan Gallery 350 yen,
Hara Jirozaemon Miso & Soy sauce Gallery free,
Seikei Library 300 yen,
Temari Factry free,
Tenryo Hita Hakimoto (Japanese traditional sandals) Gallery 100 yen,
Doll Factory Kurofune free,
Yamakichi Goto-ke 200 yen,
Shimaya Honke free and other 5 places