Wisteria Tunnel at Kawachi Fuji Gardens


'Kawachi Wisteria Garden' in Kitakyushu City is definitely one of the seasonal attractions in Japan. It is said 'one of the most beautiful places in the world!'. As Wisteria play the main role of this incredible scenery, the best time to visit is limited between 21April and 06May and advance ticket purchase is required.

​Please refer the official website ​https://kawachi-fujien.com/ *Japanese only
Or contact us if you wish us to arrange tickets for you ​with service charge.

How to access by public transport

Option 1 - Take Nishitetsu bus from JR Yahata Station bus stop to 'Kamijuta' bus stop(approx. 25 min.), then walk along the road for 45 min.

Option 2 - Take 'Ajisai no Yu' Onsen centre's free shuttle bus from JR Yahata Staion bus stop to 'Ajisai no Yu' (approx. 30 min), which is located 3 min. on foot from 'Kawachi Wisteria Garden'

Kawachi Fuji Garden