Yanagawa Dolls’ Festival Sagemon Meguri
Yanagawa Dolls’ Festival Sagemon Meguri
Yanagawa Dolls’ Festival Sagemon Meguri
Yanagawa Dolls’ Festival Sagemon Meguri

Yanagawa ‘Hina-matsuri (Dolls’ Festival) Sagemon Meguri’
11 Feb - 3 April 2020


These events were cancelled .

‘O-Hina-sama’ dolls procession on boats
Hina-Meguri’ tour by boat

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‘Hina-matsuri (Dolls’ festival)’ is a Japanese traditional festival to invoke the happiness and growth of female children. Family with daughter(s) decorate gorgeous dolls on ‘Hina-dan (a series of platforms, a Japanese prince and princess on the top)’ at home to celebrate and pray their daughters’ long-lasting health and happiness on 3rd March.

In Yanagawa, ‘Sagemon’ decorations also are displayed traditionally during ‘Hina-matsuri (Dolls’ festival)’ season.
‘Sagemon’, literally meaning hanging decorations, made by seven ornaments each, such as cranes, rabbits and other good luck symbols sewn, with seven strings and placed with two Yanagawa balls, traditional hand-made balls, in centre, under the bamboo ring, wrapped with red and white cloths.
This total of 51 ornaments signifies an old tradition of wishing for one more year of life when a normal life span was thought to be 50 years.

During the festival, a number of events take place, including ‘Hina-Meguri’ boat tour, ‘O-Hina-sama’ dolls procession, and ‘O-Hina-sama’ dolls procession on boats.

Date: 11th Feb – 3rd April 2020
Place: Yanagawa city centre
Access: approx. 10 min on foot from Nishitetsu-Yanagawa Station

Main events:

[‘O-Hina-sama’ dolls procession]

11th Feb, 10am- , Starting from Hiyoshi shrine to Fujiyoshi Primary School,click here for procession route

[O-Hina-sama’ dolls procession on boats]

15th Mar, 11:00 – 12:20, Starting from Okihashi to Mihashira shrine, blue line onthis map *Japanese only

[Hina-Meguri’ tour by boat]

7th, 8th, 14th ,15th ,20th ,21st ,22nd ,28th ,29th MAR

Time, route and prices: TBA

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