Nagasaki Kunchi Festival
Nagasaki Kunchi Festival
Nagasaki Kunchi Festival
Nagasaki Kunchi Festival

Nagasaki Kunchi Festival 長崎くんち
7th – 9th October 2018

‘Nagasaki Kunchi’ Festival is a vibrant, energetic festival, celebrating the local deity worshipped at Suwa Shrine, with a history stretching back some 370 years (since 1634!) and have been designated as Important Intangible Folk Cultural Properties of Japan.

The festival's highlights are the show performances by groups are called ‘Odori-cho (town in charge for show performance)’ representing 59 towns in Nagasaki city. Each ‘Odori-cho’ participates only once every seven years, so if you wish to view all show performances of this festival, you need to visit Nagasaki city on 7th – 9th  October 7 years in row!!!

The show performances include not only Japanese folk dances but also vivid evidence of the longstanding intercultural exchange that Nagasaki is famous for and are held at four main venues, Chuo Koen (Central Park), Suwa shrine, ‘Otabisho’ and Yasaka shrine with paid seating and/or standing areas in the morning (7:00- ) on 7th, 8th & 9th and in the early evening (16:00 - ) on 7th.

Tickets are required to view the show performances at the four main venues and they are always quickly sold out very in advance, so it is virtually impossible to purchase them for visitors from abroad unfortunately.

However it is possible to follow ‘Niwasaki mawari’ which means the floats and dancers walk through the city's districts and pay visits to supporting shops and households during the festival days.
Route map and schedule of ‘Niwasaki mawari’ will be available at the tourist information desks and hotels in the city.

Date: 7-9 October 2018

The show performance place & schedule:

7 October -
Suwa shrine 7:00am~10:30am / 16:00~19:30
Chuo Koen (Central Park) 8:10am~11:40am / 17:10~20:40
Otabisho 9:10am~12:40am
8 October -
Yasaka shrine 7:00am~10:30am
Chuo Koen (Central Park) 8:00am~11:30am
9 October -
Otabisho 7:00am~10:30am / 16:00~19:30
Suwa shrine 8:20am~11:50am

Tickets: Required at the main venues above, however all advance seat tickets (3,000 – 5,000 yen) have been sold out this year.
‘On the day sale’ ticket for standing room (1,500 yen) at Suwa shrine will be on sale around 6:00am on 7 & 9 October.

Nearest Station:
Suwa shrine  - SuwaJinja-mae (39 stop of Nagasaki Street Car)
Chuo Koen (Central Park) – Nigiwaibashi (37 stop of Nagasaki Street Car)
Otabisho – Ohato (29 stop of Nagasaki Street Car)
Yasaka shrine – Shokakuji-shita (35 stop of Nagasaki Street Car)

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